The Top Ten Apps For iPhone 2013

The iPhone, like any other smartphone, can take pictures and videos, send text messages, surf the Internet, and play music, which are basic functions. Applications, or apps, can turn the iPhone into whatever you want it to be, whether it’s a TV, a social networking device, or an organizer. Here are the top ten hottest iPhone apps of 2013, in no particular order.

1. Duolingo: If you have always wanted to learn another language, Duolingo is perfect for you. Duolingo teaches Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and English from Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Italian. The exercises involve speaking, listening, reading, and writing in that language as you gradually gain skill points. When you reach the highest level, you can begin translating webpages. Best of all, this app is completely free, but does require a free account.

2. GAIN Fitness: This fitness app is pre-loaded with plenty of full-body workouts so you can learn different workouts every day. It also stores workout statistics and includes a daily planner. There are also in-app purchases for additional exercises.

3. Gmail: Even though the iPhone has a built-in mail app where you can access your Gmail account, the standalone app is much better. The app is very similar to the webpage and is very customizable. The search and sorting functions are also great and easier to use than the standard mail app’s features.

4. Many people these days want to keep better track of their finances. lets you do that. It tracks all of your spending and bank accounts, even if you have multiple accounts and cards. You can also create a budget and this app will help you stick to it.

5. ooVoo: This app allows you to make video and voice calls, group videos, and message other users. You can talk to multiple people at once and view up to four calls simultaneously. You can sign up through social networking sites such as Facebook, or create your own account for free.

6. PBS Parent Play and Learn: If you are a parent, babysitter, or have to watch children every so often, this app is a great way to combine games and learning for kids ages two and up. It is loaded with fun activities that teach skills like math and reading comprehension.

7. SugarSync: SugarSync gives you access to your files on other devices. You can back-up data, view files from your office, transfer photos, and more with this handy app.

8. Find My iPhone: iPhones are expensive, so owners always panic when their phone is lost. When you create an account, you can log in to any iOS device to find your phone.

9. Pandora: If you are tired of the songs on iTunes, Pandora can fix that. This app allows you to create your own station based on a song or artist, create playlists, and even purchase a certain song that you like at the iTunes store.

10. Facebook: Facebook mobile allows you to update your status or upload pictures and videos from anywhere. You can also get alerts for birthdays or events sent to you directly. Facebook chat is also convenient and easy to use.

Mobile Gambling Apps

There are also plenty of hot gambling apps out there that feature a variety of casino games. Originally, these apps were just for fun, but Apple is now allowing users to gamble for money on certain apps. Big Fish Games Inc, for example, is releasing a mobile version of their games. These apps are currently legal in the United Kingdom, but are illegal in the U.S. This could change, though. You can add the hottest iPhone apps for gambling to your phone today.

Apps make your iPhone more useful than it already is. All of the apps on this list are free, easy to use, and well-liked by many. Download the hottest iPhone apps now to gain the most from your iPhone.